This project is a Java libray to consume the Euro foreign exchange reference rates API. It is built with Micronaut and you can use it in a Micronaut app or as a standalone library.

1. Dependency snippet

To use it with Gradle:

implementation 'groovycalamari.eurorates:eurorates:0.0.1'

To use it with Maven:


2. Usage

If you want to use the library in Micronaut application, the library registers a bean of type groovycalamari.eurorates.EuroRatesApi in the Micronaut’s application context.

You can use the library without a Micronaut Application Context. In that case, to obtain a EuroRatesApi do:

EuroRatesApi euroRatesApi = new ManualEuroRatesApi();

The api contains methods to obtain the current rates, historic rates and last 90 days rates.

3. Build

This library uses Gradle. It uses the plugins: